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What is the availability of Research Associates products?
Products are available to licensed Veterinarians only, direct through Research Associates, $100 minimum order. On initial contact, please provide a copy of your current license.

How much do the products cost?
Please contact us, by phone or through the “contact us” link, and Research Associates will get a price list out to you.

How are the products researched and developed?
Please see our Vet science page.

Are Veterinarians involved in the testing/development of the products?
Yes. Veterinarians provide feedback on appropriate ingredients and quantities, and are the first to use and test the prototypes. The finished products are available only through Veterinarians.

Does APPLE-X™ contain sugar? Is it “candy with some salt”?
Definitely not! APPLE-X™ is all electrolytes and minerals, NO fillers nor sugars nor artificial colors. Cation ratios were carefully selected. Please see the APPLE-X™ page for quantitative information.

Is CHONDROCYTE™ for Dogs and Cats as well as horses?
Yes, CHONDROCYTE™ is beneficial for both dogs and cats and can be used in dogs and cats in the following amounts:
Dogs: For each 25 lbs body weight, give 1 teaspoon for the first 10 days. Give ½ teaspoon daily thereafter.
Cats: For adult size cats give ¼ teaspoon daily.

Does CHONDROCYTE™ contain analgesics?
No. The philosophy behind the product is to supply the nutrients/factors needed to promote health in the animal’s joints, via natural, mild anti-inflammatory and precursor compounds, not to mask discomfort and potentially cause increased wear. Discomfort is the property you as the Veterinarian can then address separately, as needed. CHONDROCYTE™ does NOT contain analgesics.

Is COUGH-EASE™ strong?
Yes. A quick organoleptic test will show that it is very strong, yet all natural.

Does COUGH-EASE™ test?
No. COUGH-EASE™ will NOT cause a positive test in any US racing or show jurisdiction.

Is GASTRIX™ a simple antacid? Does it block HCl production?
No. GASTRIX™ is unique in this respect. Antacids can cause acid rebound, and acid blocking can have undesired effects on digestion. A recent discovery is that acid blockers have no beneficial effect on the hindgut. GASTRIX™ is acidic, but with herbal and vitamin/mineral components as well. This unique and cost effective product will help promote a healthy stomach and digestion in the horse as GASTRIX™ works well on both the foregut and the hindgut.

How does LIVATROPE™ promote healthy liver function?
LIVATROPE™ contains a spectrum of botanicals and nutritional ingredients. Lipotropes can help clear the liver. Choline hydrochloride and lecithin are lipotropic. Milk Thistle contains Silymarin. Another botanical with an excellent reputation in promoting healthy liver function is Dandelion root. Beet root is another LIVATROPE™ ingredient. Alfalfa has also been studied for its' effect on liver health.4 Additionally, Vitamin B6, folic acid and Vitamin B12 are cofactors of hepatic transmethylation. Premarket evaluation of LIVATROPE™ began in 2007, by Dr Mark Phillips DVM. LIVATROPE™ was found to promote healthy liver function in the horse.

How does COUGH EASE™ help relieve simple coughs due to irritation?
COUGH EASE™ contains all-natural ingredients, including honey, aloe vera, natural menthol, apple cider vinegar, oil of eucalyptus and real lemon juice. Menthol and eucalyptus have antitussive and expectorant properties.5, 6 Honey and lemon juice have a long folk-medicine history of promoting a healthy respiratory system.
Dr. John Knowles Jr., DVM, MS, of Brigham Young University, Animal Science Department, did an informal study of COUGH EASE™, and concluded that "this product offered the symptomatic relief we were searching for to keep the horses comfortable and functional in the equitation program through these times. When horses were heard coughing either in the corral or in the arena they were given a dose of COUGH EASE™ and invariably would stop coughing and were able to finish the working day."

How does APPLE-X™ promote healthy hydration?
Equine sweat is hypertonic – horses lose significant levels of salts/minerals from several routes including sweat. APPLE-X™ is concentrated; no fillers, no preservatives, no artificial colors. The one volume ounce scoop delivers 38 grams of minerals and electrolytes, in a carefully formulated ratio of cation components. See APPLE-X™ cation chart, label directions for activity-scaled serving size and product comparison data at “link to Apple-X Product Page”. APPLE-X™ is economical and the best value for your clients. Use APPLE-X™ to promote healthy hydration for your clients' horses. Research Associate’s specially formulated APPLE-X™ with a unique apple flavoring that horses love!
APPLE-X™ is presently being studied in a re-evaluation of the cation content in equine sweat, by Dr. Mark Phillips, DVM.

How does GASTRIX™ help promote a healthy digestive system in both the stomach and hindgut?
GASTRIX™ is not a simple antacid; the product is mildly acidic. GASTRIX™ is not an acid production blocker; healthy acid levels are needed for proper digestion. Instead, GASTRIX™ is a blend of botanicals, vitamins, minerals and other compounds that promotes a healthy digestive system. Botanicals include papaya leaf, slippery elm, aloe vera, apple pectin, cabbage, carrot, chamomile, chlorophyllin, cinnamon, licorice, dong quai, red ginseng and grapeseed extract. Some additional ingredients include: apple cider vinegar, zinc gluconate, brewers yeast and lemon juice. Apple cider vinegar and lemon juice are weak acids! No antacids here.
Dr. Scott McClure, DVM, PhD, DACVS conducted a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled study of GASTRIX™. Click here to read the paper: (link to disclaimer before the paper)

Does RAVI search for research collaborators?
Yes. Research Associates has several ongoing product research projects and product evaluation studies at any given time. If you are interested in learning more about compensated research collaboration opportunities, please contact us at:


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