• Gentle, safe relief
  • See a difference in 10 days
  • Soundness in 30 days
  • Safe for all horses, every day
 Available in 1.85 lb, 3.7 lb, and 18.4 lb buckets
1.85 lb. – Item# 7 15401 90184 8
3.7 lb. – Item# 7 15401 90037 7
18.4 lb. – Item# 7 15401 90184 8
Results: Under a veterinarian’s care, a group of 40 horse were given Bute-Like™ every day for 18 months and competed successfully without a positive test or side effects.
NOTE:  Bute-Like™  Supplement contains ingredients prohibited by USEF, therefore, Research Associates, Inc.™  recommends discontinuing use 24 hours prior to competition. Research Associates, Inc.™  conducted a trial on Bute-Like™ Supplement in which horses were given double doses of the product and blood was drawn.  The samples were then sent to an independent testing facility, Truesdail Laboratory, where they were thoroughly screened without producing a positive test.