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“Have been exceptionally happy with the Livatrope results for both senior horses with elevated GGT and as long term treatment for chronic liver disease! Once maintained ONLY on Livatrope, the incindent of liver related colic dramatically decreased and senior horses began to not only gain weight, but engery level increased. Highly recommend for management of Liver dysfunction! – Dr. Emily Hood of Kilgore, Texas

Quote from Dr. Schwartz on Cough Ease™:
“A very effective cough deterrent.  An all-natural cough suppressent that works and can be used close to competition.”
-Craig J. Schwartz, DVM
Here’s what Dr. Phillips said about his 8-year trial of Gastrix™:
“ I scoped and did hindgut testing on 1,200 horses with an unhealthy foregut or hindgut and I saw that they all became healthy after 30 to 45 days on Gastrix™”
-Mark W. Phillips, DVMTo view DOCTOR PHILLIPS EXPERIENCE WITH GASTRIX™, please click here.

Quote from Dr. Nielson on livatrope®:“I have used Livatrope® for many different types of horses with liver issues. In thoroughbred racehorses, sport horses, and especially in geriatric cases, we see a demonstrable reduction in ast/ggt in horses within 30 days. It is easy for our clients to administer, palatable for the horse and affordable.”- Dr. Carl E. Juul Nielson, DVM

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